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Your safe immigration to the USA

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Immigration Forms Preparer (NOT A LAWYER)

13+ years

Boasting over 13 years of expertise in U.S. immigration, we guide you through the process, helping you sidestep common pitfalls and pay attention to every detail.

1000+ immigration cases

An impressive track record of immigration case approvals, boasting more than 1000 clients who have successfully immigrated to the USA and are now satisfied with our services.

60% cost savings

Collaborating with me allows you to save money compared to attorney fees and also saves time, reducing a multitude of worries.

Step by step


01 Requesting the Service

Initially, you select the service you wish to receive. The timeline of the service will be contingent upon the speed
at which you supply the required information. To initiate
the process, a down payment must be made.


02 Gathering Information

Upon receiving your request and down payment, we gather information and additional documents required to complete the immigration forms specified in the service you have selected.


03 Filling Out the Forms 

Each form is completed using the information you have provided. Once finished, it is verified to ensure it meets
the submission standards for evaluation by the United
States Citizenship and Immigration Services.


04 Submitting the Forms

Before submitting your case, we compile a file containing
your documents and completed forms for future use.
After your forms have been submitted to the USCIS,
we will await their decision.

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Completing immigration forms relies on the information given by the client. The immigration consultant does not offer legal advice because she is not a lawyer.

To ascertain the service cost for all family members, please indicate the precise number of individuals involved when filing the application. The service fee does not cover government charges, which clients must pay separately.

  • Is a down payment required?
    Yes, before beginning work on your case, you must make a down payment ranging from 50 to 100 percent.
  • Do you recommend which type of visa I need?
    As an immigration consultant, I am unable to offer legal advice regarding types of immigration. However, if you are aware of the basis for your immigration, I can assist with completing the forms.
  • If I complete the form myself, can you review it?
    Yes, you can request a review of your immigration form. The complete list of forms eligible for verification can be found in our services.
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